Partner Trainer FAQ

Partner Trainer Program/ Apprentice Trainer

  • To sign up is simple. Learn how to Register for the program at the links below:

- pay in full:

- payment plan:

You will receive an email confirmation with all information & materials. 

  • All lash course trainings are online-only trainings. If the partner should choose to offer a practicum that is allowed from the partner trainer apprentice themself, but that isnt offered with or by Champagne Lash Bar alone.
  • Courses are intellectual property and may not be saved, sold, and redistributed without permission. Courses also may not be redistributed for a no cost or at a cost less than the amount agreed upon with CLB, or accessed by anyone that isn’t added to the official Champagne Lash Bar online Course program portal. 
  • You can cancel or exit out of the program anytime but if you want to reenter you will be required to pay the $299.97 licensing/setup fee to get join again. To opt out of the program, Email CLB@ChampagneLashBar the request. 
  • There is a pro-rated $25 course monthly hosting fee to remain in the program, this covers part of the course hosting program and the rest is taken care of by CLB. 
  • Partner Trainers/Apprentices & their students will lose all access to training materials if payment is missed or lapses. 2 months of missed payments will result in a required $299.97 licensing/setup fee to join the program again. 
  • Customers/students have access to the course for up to 1.5 months.