Champagne Lash Bar FAQ

Please read this page for more information about Champagne Lash Bar's Eyelash extensions, Eyelash Extension Training Courses, and Vendor Lists.

Eyelash Extensions

  • Book your eyelash extension appointments in Baltimore, Maryland online at www.ChampagneLashBar.As.Me
  • Also known as mink semipemanent eyelash extensions, these lash sets will last 2-4 weeks.
  • Please arrive to your appointment on time with squeaky clean lashes, which means  means no makeup, no mascara, no old residual glue. Failure to follow this rule will result in an additional 25 minutes added to your appointment time for lash cleaning & a $20 cleaning fee will be added to your bill. Also, arriving to your appointment without clean, makeup-free lashes voids all gauruntees. 
  • No extra guests are allowed at your appointment. 
  • If you are running late, text 443-353-9532 and provide your updated estimated time of arrival. Both client & lash artist have a 15 minute grace period, in observance of the strict no-rush policy.
  • Lash appointments are available by appointment only, with flexible scheduling options. Late and early lash appointments are available at no additional charge.
  • All lash appointments require a $20 nonrefundable deposit. Your deposit DOES go toward the cost of your service. The remaining balance is due in cash at your lash appointment. You are allowed to reschedule your lash appointment once at no additional charge but notice must be given at least 24 hours in advance. After that, you will need to make another deposit. 
  • No shows forfeits your nonrefundable deposit. 
  • Eyelash extension appointments include complimentary snacks & refreshments (does not apply to mobile appointments)
  • All lash appointments include a collagen eye treatment containing vitamin E to naturally treat dark circles. 
  • Removing your eyelash extensions yourself voids all client guarantees. Clients must schedule a lash removal if they need their lashes removed.
  • Lashes are chosen & applied are determined according to the state & health of your natural lashes.  
  • To qualify for refill pricing, you must return within 1 month of your last appointment, regardless of how many lashes you have on. After 1 month, you will be charged for a fullset. 
  • All sales are final.

Are mink lashes made out of real mink fur?

-No. No animals were harmed to create any Champagne Lash Bar products.

What should I do if I am not happy with my lashes for any reason?

-Contact Champagne Lash Bar within 48 hours to have your lashes fixed at no additional charge. This does not apply to free, discounted, or model sets. This also does not apply to work done over other lash artist’s work. Client’s must have signed the Champagne Lash Bar client waiver to qualify for the customer service guarantee. All sales are final.

What should I do if I would like to learn how to apply eyelash extensions? 

- Email CLB@ChampagneLashBar.com to sign up for an online or in person Eyelash Extension Training Course. For a more immediate response, feel free to text 443-353-9532.

No refunds will be issued for any Champagne Lash Bar products or services. No refunds on any training course or digital project. No refunds on payment plans. All payment plans must be paid in full, per your signed agreement. 


Eyelash Extension Training Courses

Champagne Lash Bar offers multiple eyelash extension training courses. Students are responsible for staying up to date with the requirements in their particular jurisdiction in regards to their scope of practice. Please browse our course options to find the one specifically designed for the stage of your career & your learning style. A nonrefundable deposit of $350 is required to sign up for courses, which DOES go towards the balance. Text 443-353-9532 for more information about available payment plans. 

Champagne Lash Bar offers multiple Course levels:

  1. Introduction to Classic Lashing Course- For beginners that have no experience applying semipermanent eyelash extensions. Kit includes: Lash adhesive, Primer, Gel Glue Remover, Jade Stone, Eye Gel Patches, Micropore Tape, Disposable Eyelash Spoolies, Micro Brushes, 2 Tweezers, a lash tray, practice lash strips, & a mannequin. 

       2. Classic Lashing Refresher Course-                       For experienced certified lash techs that want to learn how to lash faster, have better client retention, & earn more money. If you are signing up for this course, do remember to add your kit to your cart at no additional cost using this link:


       3. Volume Training- For experience lash techs that want to learn Volume lashing. Does not include a kit.

      4. Megavolume + Russian Volume + Hybrid/Mixed + Classic Refresher: This 4-in-1 combination class is for currently certified lash techs that want to learn how to complete lash sets faster, earn more money, and add additional services to their current lash business by learning the Russian Volume and Hybrid Lashing techniques. If you are signing up for this course, do remember to add your Bonus kit to your cart at no additional cost using this link (while supplies last): https://champagne-lash-bar.myshopify.com/cart/41863219904706:1?channel=buy_button

    Benefits of the Online class written classroom instruction is fully taught online. This option is highly recommended because it is the most cost effective and allows you to work at YOUR own pace, rather than have to learn everything in just 1 or  2 days. The online course includes quizzes and extremely detailed videos will walk you through what you need to know, step-by-step. 

    You will receive your training login details in your email within up to 48-72 hours of registering for this training.

    Please allow at least 14-21 business days for lash kits shipped within the United States. Shipping is only available within the Continental USA. Please email CLB@ChampagneLashBar.com if you have any issues with logging in.

    Beta courses, Refresher courses, workshops & Retention bootcamps do NOT come with a kit.

    All sales are final on all digital products including ebooks, vendor lists, workshops, bootcamps & online courses- meaning no refunds. 

    Vendor Lists

     Champagne Lash Bar offers:

    • Vendor Lists for 3D mink strips 

    • Eyelash extension supplies (create your own brand of lash trays, lash supplies, etc)

    • Customized Vendor lists depending on what long of store you are looking to open. 

    • Customized Vendor List of your choice. Email CLB@ChampagneLashBar.com for more details

    Retention Bootcamp

    • The Retention Bootcamp is not for those that have already taken a Champagne Lash Bar advanced training course. If you have taken a Champagne Lash Bar online advanced training course, do not sign up for the Retention Bootcamp. For any questions, email CLB@ChampagneLashBar.com

    • Bootcamps are skill-focused training. Bootcamps do not include any supplies or certificates. 

    • You will have access to your online Bootcamp for 1 month from the date you registered.

    • All sales are final on any digital product. 

    • Your login information will be emailed to the email address you provide at checkout within 48 hours of purchase.  


    Beta Tester 

     • “Beta Testers” are lash education students that are previewing & providing feedback to CLB regarding training courses that are still being tested out before its official release. As a beta tester, you get benefits such as steeply discounted training courses, exclusive bonuses, additional support, certificate of completion, priority access to future updates & materials plus more. Only few slots are available, for a limited time only. Not everyone qualifies to train as a beta tester. Beta Tester students receive online materials. 

    • For “beta tester” programs, ALL feedback is required to be submitted through the online program or emailed to CLB@ChampagneLashBar.com ONLY. 

    • When you register for the course, you will receive 2 emails. The first email is a receipt for your purchase and the second email that you will get within 24 hours will include your login details to access the course. If you do not see that email, be sure to check for that email 24 hours after hour purchase in your inbox, spam, & junk folders because it is likely it has ended up in there. 

    • To learn more about advanced Lash Training, Russian Volume Training, or to have any questions answered, please email CLB@ChampagneLashBar.com

    Coaching & the Lash / Beauty Business Course

    • Special offer coaching is available on a limited basis. The first time a complimentary coaching call appointment is missed, a $20 deposit will be required for subsequent appointments & will be refundable only if client shows up to the call at the agreed upon time. Deposit will be forfeited to CLB upon a no-show. Only 1 complimentary appointment session per person. After complimentary coaching call session is completed, all subsequent coaching calls are subject to the regular coaching call price of $100 per 45 minutes.  After the first no-show/cancel with no notice, there is a $20 nonrefundable fee to book subsequent calls. 
    • Paid Coaching calls are $100 per 45 minutes.
    • $20 refundable deposits will be enforced after the first no-show. The deposit will be returned upon showing up to the call but kept if the client no-shows. 
    • Lash Artists must be available for 10 minutes after the scheduled call time. If the caller doesn’t answer the phone at any point during those first ten minutes, subsequent calls will also require a deposit to book.
    • If the call disconnects for whatever reason, mentee must be on standby and ready to answer subsequent calls to reconnect for the duration of the scheduled call. Failure to do so voids the free coaching call offer. If the call disconnects, and the lash biz coach calls back & attempts to reconnect aren’t answered or responded to or answered for the rest of the day, the free coaching call offer is completely void.
    • The second call for the complimentary coaching call package must be scheduled within 2 weeks of the initial call- if not the free coaching offer is void & a program re-entry fee of $50 will be assessed to rejoin. Second Follow up calls over 3.5 weeks out from the first call is not permitted & in that case, offer will be void.
    • A re-entry fee of $50 will be assessed for: those who do not communicate, respond to communication, or rebook past 3 weeks, those who abandon the program & those do not complete assignments. All of the aforementioned actions will result in dismissal from the program and require a $50 re-entry fee to rejoin the coaching program, even if it is the free coaching program- this is due to the fact that participation and engagement is required to stay in the program free of charge. Thank you. 
    • If you do not book your next call in the timeframe as discussed, your spot in the program may be given to someone else. 
    • As touched on above, lack of response, communication, or failure to rebook call appointments by appropriate date as discussed will result in immediate dismissal from the program in order to make room for more engaged participants since this program has limited availability. This is defined as low/no engagement, no responses, and/or failure to complete assignments & homework. Any of these behaviors will result in immediate dismissal from the program and a fee will be assessed in order to rejoin the program. 


    Partner Trainer Program/ Apprentice Trainer

    • To sign up is simple. Register for the program here:

    You will receive an email confirmation with all information & materials. 

    • All lash course trainings are online-only trainings. If the partner should choose to offer a practicum that is allowed from the partner trainer apprentice themself, but that isnt offered with or by Champagne Lash Bar alone.
    • Courses are intellectual property and may not be saved, sold, and redistributed without permission. Courses also may not be redistributed for a no cost or at a cost less than the amount agreed upon with CLB, or accessed by anyone that isn’t added to the official Champagne Lash Bar online Course program portal. 
    • You can cancel or exit out of the program anytime but if you want to reenter you will be required to pay the $299.97 licensing/setup fee to get join again. To opt out of the program, Email CLB@ChampagneLashBar the request. 
    • There is a pro-rated $25 course monthly hosting fee to remain in the program, this covers part of the course hosting program and the rest is taken care of by CLB. 
    • Partner Trainers/Apprentices & their students will lose all access to training materials if payment is missed or lapses. 2 months of missed payments will result in a required $299.97 licensing/setup fee to join the program again. 
    • Customers/students have access to the course for up to 1.5 months. 




    • The limited quantity free lash samples are only available to customers located within the 48 States of the continental USA. 

    • If any product appears to be “sold out”, email  CLB@ChampagneLashBar.com or text 443-353-9532