Learn more about Russian Volume Training Course by watching this MASTERCLASS


Thank you for submitting the form to learn more information about Champagne Lash Bar's Russian Volume training course. This course is for beginner Lash Artists that are looking to:

  • Learn Russian Volume & become a Master Lash Artist
  • Learn how to get more clients & increase your income
  • Improve your current lash skills
  • Get 8 week lash retention on your clients
  • Receive an additional Certificate for lashing

Before you sign up for ANY Russian Volume Training Course, Watch this FREE Volume Masterclass to learn more about the Russian Volume technique, learn how lash artists make money in their sleep, get a discount code, and learn why Champagne Lash Bar's Russian Volume course is completely different than any other available on the market! Check out this FREE PREVIEW & get excited about learning Russian Volume & becoming a Master Lash Artist!

This masterclass is almost 2 hours long & must be watched in 1 single sitting, so only register & watch when you have that time available to yourself! FREE BONUS- A COUPON code for the course is at the end of the masterclass! Please have a notebook & pen available to take notes. There is NO pausing , rewinding , or replays! It MUST be watched on a laptop/desktop instead of a mobile phone for it to work (if you start watching it on a mobile phone & it glitches, you won’t be able to rewatch it again!) Enjoy 💗

Register for it here: https://champagnelashbar.com/pages/sign-up-for-the-free-eyelash-extension-masterclass 

Questions? Email CLB@ChampagneLashBar.com