Lash Mapping & Styling Course

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Not Just Another Lash Class

This Lash Training Course was developed by an actual professional Educator with 11 years training/experience teaching all ages, various subjects. 

Today the Subject is: Lash Mapping & Styling!

But this isn’t your basic Lash Mapping Course. This Course is based upon 3 Pillars:

• Proper lash skills

• Proper lash tools 

• Proper business education 

Champagne Lash Bar takes a holistic approach to training courses. We don’t just slap you with a certificate and send you on your merry way… we will transform your business & life with these new killer skills you’re about to learn 🔥 You will learn about tools & skills that NO one else in the industry is discussing! This isn’t a workshop or Bootcamp, it’s a course that not only teaches you the skill- but how to apply your new skill & certification to improve your business, get more clients, earn more while working less. There is no other course like it on the market- This is Not your Average Lash Class!